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We got a navigation requirement from our client. The user should be able to navigate from his  current location to the Work order & Notification based on the Equipment Coordinates. This is possible with ESRI ArcGIS map, if the Navigation functionality is enabled in the GIS system.

As our client's ESRI map does not have the navigation/route configuration, we came up with a solution to navigate using Google Maps Application in android. Initially, we felt it would be hard to call google map from Agentry. After reading the blog from Bill Froelich (, we used openURL and called the google map navigation directly by passing the coordinates.

We can call google map navigation directly by passing the coordinates of the Equipment/Functional Location/WorkOrder/ Notification to the Google Map Navigation Intent - google.navigation:q=latitude,longitude. 

Google Map Route - geo:latitude,longitude

Google Map Navigationgoogle.navigation:q=latitude,longitude

You can use the rule similar to the below one to pass the coordinates of Work Order or Notification to the OpenURL rule.

Similarly, you can invoke Google applications on Android devices by using the specific intents. Please find the below intents list.

Hope this helps.
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