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TL;DR: Google Cloud is pleased to announce the General Availability of the Google Cloud Connector for SAP Landscape Management Enterprise Edition (SAP LaMa). 

SAP Customers are now able to maximize the value of SAP LaMa when managing their SAP applications deployed and running on Google Cloud.

Using the Google Cloud Connector with SAP LaMa version 3.0, SAP customers will be able to realize the following high-level benefits: 

  • Visibility: Improved operational visibility through centralized management and control of your entire SAP landscape deployed on Google Cloud Compute Engine VMs using a single console. Centralize landscape management and gain landscape-wide visibility and control across infrastructure layers

  • Administration TCO: Reduced time, effort and cost to manage and operate your SAP systems through automation, orchestration, and scheduling  of time consuming SAP Basis administration and support operations. Additionally customers can schedule operations and ensure that non-production SAP systems are only running when needed.

  • Operational agility: Increased operational agility through acceleration of application lifecycle management operations and fast response to workload fluctuations. 

In this release, the Google Cloud Connector for SAP Landscape Management will offer the following capabilities: 

  • Resource enumeration (instances, zones, project)

  • Stop/start of VM instances (interactively or via schedule)

  • NFS client operations (mount/unmount)

  • Persistent Disk Block storage snapshot, detach, attach, mount, unmount, including LVM support

  • Storage library for handling GCP specific disk naming for logical volume management

  • Virtual hostnames and IP (Alias IP) support for moving SAP applications between VM instances

  • System clone and refresh (replace system data for test system from production source)

  • Zonal SAP Application server relocation, supporting relocations of entire system in a mass operation or on an individual instance

  • SAP HANA failover; setup SAP HANA replication, change replication modes and configuring HA/DR provider hooks

  • SAP maintenance: Support for NZDT activities to reduce impact of application of Support Packages and for rolling SAP kernel switching 

  • Ability to run your SAP Landscape Management system in a hybrid deployment based on a Service Account

Google Cloud Connector for SAP Landscape Management Architecture and integration with Google Cloud VMs and services:

High Level Architecture of Google Cloud Connector for SAP LaMa integration

Managed SAP Applications on virtual hosts on Google Cloud

Landscape Management Deployment models:

SAP LaMa can be deployed in a number of configurations; single-cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid. The Google Cloud Connector for SAP Landscape Management supports all of these models. For more complex deployment models and where customers are combining multiple models together, It is advised that SAP Customers work with SAP or an implementation partner to ensure that they have an optimal configuration for their specific SAP landscapes.

Supported Deployment Models

For more information on the Google Cloud Connector for SAP Landscape Management, please see the Google documentation and SAP note:

Google Cloud Connector for SAP Landscape Management Documentation 

SAP Note 3078321 - Google Cloud Connector for SAP Landscape Management

More information on the deploying SAP on Google Cloud, please see:

SAP on Google Cloud 

SAP Landscape Management documentation is available at:

SAP Landscape Management documentation
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