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Hello People

I am much excited to post this blog as i have seen my own google calendar's data using SAP Cloud platform services API Management and Open Connectors.

To start, please enable the below services available in Neo Environment.

Click on Open Connectors and then Go to Service. Below is the landing page.

Navigate to Connectors from the left pane and search for Google Calendar.

Hover your mouse on Google calendar and then press Authenticate.

Name to it and create the instance.

A new window opens with Google account login page. Please provide your credentials.

In this screen, click on Allow and wait till the authentication gets finished.

Go back to the Connectors page and open Test in the API docs.

You can see multiple operation tags. I have chosen Calendars and the respective Get call for the events of Google Calendar.

Click on Get as highlighted above and mention the calendar id as google account ID used above.

Once we execute, we can see the Curl and Request URL.

Now go to Common Resources, Common Resource Templates.

Hover on Contacts to open Mappings.

Clone it.

Press Save & Next.

Now move on to Create New Transformation for "Contacts"

After the step above, make a note of Organization and User Secretes as we would be using them in API management service.

Navigate to API Management service enabled earlier.

Go to Configure tab and create new API Provider.

Provide Name and Description under Overview and then move to Connection.

Input the details as below. User and Organization Secretes are available from Open Connectors Service mentioned above.

Save the changes and Test the Connection.

From Develop Tab, Create new API.

Select API Provider created before and Discover.

Now Save and Deploy.

Open API Proxy URL.

Add /calendars/ at the end of the URL.

googleaccountID: Mail ID we used earlier to connect Google Calendar through Open Connectors.

The output shows the events logged to our Google's Calendar.

Hope this blog would excite the readers too.

Please encourage me with your comments.

Thank you!!

#Enhance Learning

BR//Dhanasupriya Sidagam
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