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It’s a simple thought – go mobile.

And actually, at this point, it may be more than a simple thought, but an essential business strategy necessary for companies to thrive in today’s mobile world and maintain a competitive edge.

As individuals adopt a personal mobility strategy, the market continues to grow. The growth projections for devices for 2012–2017 support the case that we are on the move and using tools that suit our style.

Growth projections were reported as:

  • Tablets + 23.2%
  • Smartphone + 16.9%
  • Laptops + 0.8%
  • Desktops - 3.5%

So with the declining use of desktop computers and increasing adoption of tablets, learning and accepting how to activate employees and allow them to use the tools and technology they want, is key to employee and business success. Since 9 of 10 employees want to use a mobile device, and the device of their choice, it is key to consider and allow a BYOD policy, which invites employees to use their own devices, when going mobile. Overall, there must be a mobility strategy in place and technology to support the functions of mobility.

But even with the support and stats behind mobility, many companies are still holding back and identifying their barrier to activating a mobile workforce as their concerns about security and implementation – they are worried about the possibility of data being accidentally shared or information not being secure, and the time it will take to get the mobile initiative launched and adopted.

These concerns were much more of an issue when the creation of a mobile workforce was in its infancy, but with today’s technology and software advancements, it has become simpler to deploy and implement a mobile initiative, and the security risk is much lower.

SAP Afaria is the number one worldwide solution, based on 2011 revenue in mobile enterprise management software.

Some of the key reasons include the software’s ability to:

  • Protect critical corporate data with the most scalable, secure architecture
  • Provide real-time insight into device usage and status
  • Support BYOD and company-issued scenarios
  • Ease IT burden with simplified administration
  • Integrate an enterprise app store, connects with SAP Mobile Documents, and simplify SAP Mobile Platform app distribution
  • Go live in three weeks (on premise) or three days (using the cloud)

The barrier of concerns about security and time, can easily be alleviated by using the right software and services, which are those that are trusted and deployed effectively.

Bottom line – going mobile can be quick, and with low risk.

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