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IFG global Survey 2012 for SAP NetWeaver PI

As in previous years, the Global Special Interest Group for Process Integration conducts its annual survey for SAP NetWeaver PI.

Focus of the survey is to collect the latest state of the positioning, use and organization of SAP NetWeaver PI and SAP integration in companies all around the globe. Target group are employees from companies using SAP NetWeaver PI as an integration platform.

As in the past, the survey results will enable the IFG to better address the needs of PI users and serve as an important basis for the discussion with SAP. In 2011 over 400 people participated in the survey, which helped SAP to develop and validate their product strategy and focus for future functional enhancements.


The survey was completed in August 2012. See link to results below.

Content, Access and Schedule

The survey contains 20 general questions and 10 questions about this year’s special topic 'patching, upgrade, zero downtime’. Apart from minor adjustments, the general questions stay the same each year, so that the survey can also show changes in the use and positioning of PI over the years.

The global PI survey for 2012 can be found at the following URL:

The end date for the survey is now changed to mid of August. The results will be published within the SAP user groups and on SAP SCN around September.

Recent blogs

An extract of the results of the previous surveys can be found in the following blogs:

For more background about our interest group see our central blog International Focus Group for Integration.

Questions and feedback are welcome!

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