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SAP NetWeaver search technologies provide a framework for enterprise-wide search solutions for structured data (business objects) and unstructured data (documents). With data volumes rising fast, pinpointing critical information can pose major challenges - particularly if the details you need reside in business applications. Search is a fast and easy way to find information and data within your business environment.

SAP NetWeaver provides search technology on three different architectural levels:

  • SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search
  • Search Services in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP
    •  Embedded Search for SAP Business Suite Applications
    •  Search Engine Service
  • Search and Classification TREX and BWA (release-dependently exchangeable as the in-memory engine)

NWES Overview

Getting Started

SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.2 / 7.3 - Brief Overview
Main delta of SAPNetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.3 in comparison to 7.2:

  • SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.3 contains the ABAP Server 7.3 (previously 7.2)
  • SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.3 is installed in two pieces
    1) The ABAP installation of SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.3
    2) BWA 7.2
    These two are then connected to form SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.3
  • BWA is included in the license of SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.3, but may only be used for search purposes


SAP NetWeaver Search   (SAP Help Portal)
This documentation provides an overview of the key areas of SAP NetWeaver Search and introduces the tools, functions and processes of SAP NetWeaver Search.

SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search   (SAP Help Portal)
SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search is the productized search solution providing unified, comprehensive, and secure real-time access to enterprise data and information from within and outside of a company.

Search Services in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP   (SAP Help Portal)
The search services in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) ABAP provide a framework for indexing and searching SAP business objects in SAP applications.

SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification TREX   (SAP Help Portal)
Search and Classification TREX is the backend engine providing SAP applications with numerous services for searching, classification, and text-mining in large collections of documents (unstructured data) as well as for searching in and aggregating across business objects (structured data). TREX processes documents in a wide variety of formats and languages.

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