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To accelerate the connectivity with third-party cloud applications, SAP is offering more than 150 pre-built and feature-rich connectors via SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors. Recently (2019 Q3 release) a subset of connectors has been added to the list of available import connections that can be used to acquire data into SAP Analytics Cloud. It’s expected that more connectors will be made available in the second quarterly release of SAP Analytics Cloud in May 2020.

In this blog, I will show you how you can set up create your SAP Cloud Platform Trial account, subscribe to the Open Connectors service and set up the Open Connectors integration in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Create an SAP Cloud Platform Trial account

Let's start by creating an account via SAP Cloud Platform Trial. After you log in with your SAP account, you must select the region that’s closest to you.

In this example, we select ‘Europe (Frankfurt)’ and click on ‘Create Account’. As a result, a personal trial account will be created. Click ‘Continue’ after the account creation process is completed successfully.

The next step is to navigate to the Cloud Foundry space. Click on ‘Enter Your Trial Account’.

The trial account contains one subaccount and a space called ‘trial’. Open the ‘trial’ space by clicking on the trial tile.

Note down the following details. We will need this information later on in SAP Analytics Cloud when configuring the Cloud Connectors integration.

  • Subaccount Details: ID

  • Cloud Foundry: Org ID

Subscribe to Open Connectors

Now click on ‘Subscriptions’ and search for ‘Open Connectors’ under ‘SaaS Applications’.

Select the ‘Open Connectors’ tile and click on ‘Subscribe’.

When the configuration is completed, you are subscribed to the service and we need to write down some information that we need to configure the Open Connectors integration in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Click on ‘Go to Application’ to open the ‘Open Connectors’ application.

On the ‘Open Connectors’ page click on the user icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Click on view the ‘Organization Secret’ and ‘User Secret’ and note them down. We need this information in a minute when integrating the ‘Open Connector’s account with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Integrate Open Connectors Account in SAP Analytics Cloud

Let’s switch to our SAP Analytics Cloud tenant. After logging in, browse to ‘System’ – ‘Administration’ – ‘Datasource Configuration’ and click on ‘Let’s integrate your Open Connectors account’.

The first step is to select your ‘SAP Cloud Platform Subaccount Region’, in this example ‘Trial Europe (Frankfurt) (CF EU10 Trial)’.

Now fill in the Open Connectors Organization and Open Connectors User Secret.

Finally, add the SAP Cloud Platform Global Account Id and SAP Cloud Platform Subaccount Id and click on ‘Integrate Open Connectors Account.

Congratulations! You have now successfully configured the SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors Account.

Create a connection in SAP Analytics Cloud

Now let’s create a connection to one of the available data sources. Click on ‘+’ (Add Connection) and filter the list by selecting ‘Open Connectors’.

If the Open Connectors data sources are still greyed-out, please refresh the browser and a notification will be displayed that there are new data sources available.

Based on which data source you need to provide different details to connect. For more information:

In my next blog, I will describe how to set up a connection with Dropbox.
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