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There are some important things to consider when starting with IdM 8.

Qualified name

When installing the database schema, you will be asked to specify the Base Qualified Name.

  • This is the System name space and should be globally unique. It would typically be the customer domain, i.e. “com.<company>”.
  • The namespace will be used for the installation, and will be the root of the package qualified name.
  • The package qualified name is used when referencing other packages.
  • This means that the System Name Space can never be changed, as this will break any package references.
  • The package names for an installation also has to be unique for the installation.
  • The only allowed characters in a qualified name is 'A'..'Z', 'a'..'z', '0'..'9', '_', '.'


  • The qualified name is used to identify a package
  • The qualified name is assumed to be globally unique
  • Make sure each created package has a unique name
  • Need to have one person responsible for defining the qualified names within the name space

Public objects

  • Processes and Package scripts may be public and will be referenced through their qualified name.
  • When made public, the names have to conform to the naming convention, being unique and only using the allowed characters mentioned above.
  • Forms are automatically made public when the type is set to Search form or Display form and also have to conform to the naming convention.
  • Repository types are always public with the same restrictions on naming.

Developer Studio users

When installing the database schema, you will be asked to specify the name of the development admin user. This user is the only user that have access to the Developer Studio when the installation is done. This user has also to be defined in UME, as the authentication is done there.

In Developer Studio, this user may create other users of Developer Studio after the same users are defined in UME.

The new users can be given different type of access to packages.

The Developer Studio users does not need any IdM specific authorizations in UME, and does not need to be defined in the Identity Store as users of the IdM Admin UI or IdM UI.

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