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Update: SMP 3 was released. HANA Cloud Platform mobile services (HCPms, cloud version of SMP) supports all Kapsel Plugins. HCPms replaced SMP on Cloud.

SAP Kapsel is a set of plugins for Apache Cordova (open source) that provides a subset of the capabilities provided by Hybrid web container, and it is replacing the HWC in SMP 3. ie SMP 3 will not have HWC apps, we have to use these plugins during the development of hybrid apps.

Since Kapsel is a part of SMP 3, and SMP 3 is not yet released I was looking for a way to test the Kapsel plugins and found it working with SMP on HANA cloud. But I am not sure whether all kapsel plugins are officially supported by SMP on Cloud since the cloud version has difference with on premise. If you are interested to try Kapsel Logon plugin in an Android device you can follow these steps.

Sign up for a free trial of SMP, cloud version: SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Register for NWGW trial,

Download and install SMP 3 SDK (tested with SMP 3 SP01) from SAP Service Market Place

Install Cordova in your system (version 3.1.0-0.2.0), Apache Cordova

Create a cordova project

Create a new folder to keep the Kapsel projects.

Use the command cordova -d create C:\Kapsel_Projects\LogonDemo com.opensap.myfirst to create a new project.

Add the android platform to the project using the below command

cordova -d platform add android

Add Kapsel plugins to the application

Make sure you are inside the project path and use the below command to add the Kapsel Logon plugin to your project.

cordova -d plugin add C:\SAP\MobileSDK3\KapselSDK\plugins\logon

Replace www\index.html with the contents of index.html - Google Drive. (Note: This code sample is taken from Getting Started with Kapsel - Part 2 -- Logon)

Prepare the project using the command cordova -d prepare

Create application in SMP Cloud

Odata end point URL used,

Application properties:

Install Certificate in device for HTTPS

To make a HTTPS connection to SMP server a certificate needs to be installed in the device. Export the certificate from SAP on Cloud>paste it to device storage>install. More information on installing a certificate in Android device, Add SSL Certificate to Android

Run the app !!

Finally, import the cordova project created to Eclipse IDE and run the app in an Android device.

Find registered user in SMP cloud cockpit.

Happy Hacking!!

Midhun VP


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