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I guess you saw the TechEd Las Vegas keynote were BUILD was prominently shown and now want to try it out. Good news is that you can get BUILD from GitHub. Problem is that the installation is not really easy, as several dependencies must be met. Compared to July when the 1st release was published to GitHub, you can now install BUILD. To give help to everybody that wants to try out BUILD, I published two blogs showing how to do this on a Windows 7 64bit laptop:


The install instructions changed. Instead of letting you go through this all manually, you can now use npm to install build.


sudo npm install -g sap-build-cli@0.3.3

sudo sapbuild


Remains the question if this also works on Windows, considering the sudo part ...

The most important part here is that even when the installer fails, do not give up. Sometimes running simply npm install again can solve the problem. And reserve some time. You`ll have to download Visual Studio Express (up tp 7GB), run a mongo db in the back and compile some files. It can take from 2 hours to 6 hours to have everything installed.

But its worth, as in the end you get this:

For those who want to know what the admin modules referred to in the GitHub readme of BUILD and how to install it:

Install SAP BUILD Admin module

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