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Hi everyone.We are thrilled to announce that our #1 GeoAnalytics solution Galigeo for SAP Lumira Discovery, is now available as a freemium.

What does it mean?

It means that any companies will now be able to use Galigeo For Lumira Discovery for free, without any time duration limitation.

Why release it as a freemium now?

With SAP cloud strategy announcement for Analytics one year ago, we felt like a lot of customers and prospects were left doubtful. The dust needed to settle down before anyone could see more clearly what was really going to happen.

In fact, a lot of customers (actually, almost all of them) did not move to SAP Analytics Cloud as of yet, and have made the choice to stick with Lumira for their self-service BI tool of choice.

Working with thousands of SAP customers all over the world, we understood that it was also more difficult for them to justify further investments in SAP Lumira Discovery without taking the time needed to build solid proof of concept. And still, the need of creating and sharing compelling geovisualizations of their business was there.

That's why we wanted to help them to get started quicker with GeoAnalytics, answer their business requirements and boost Lumira Discovery adoption. We also wanted to align our product with the current SAP speech regarding Lumira Discovery, namely a tool to do agile prototyping.

For these reasons, we decided to release this freemium version of Galigeo For Lumira Discovery.

What is inside the freemium?

All required features to create meaningful geovisualisations and get insights from it are there: bridge with your GIS system like ESRI, custom geodata, multiple basemap selection, choropleth, heatmap, pie charts, flows, drill-down, animated time-series, address geocoding, ...

That means you can create geovisualizations like these without any time limitation:

An example of shipping flows between resellers and customers

An example of animated time-series showing clinical patients based on month of last visit


Is there any limitation?

Yes ?.

  • Galigeo maps only works on Lumira Desktop. You can share Lumira documents containing Galigeo maps between Lumira desktops without any problem. Activating Galigeo on the BI Platform (Lumira Server) requires the premium version.

  • Maximum 5 users by companies can create and consume Galigeo For Lumira Discovery maps.

  • Access to the support is reserved for the premium users.

Compare the differences between freemium and premium → there ←.

How can I get started!?

Product Download

Download Link ←

Useful Resources

Documentation ←

 "Get Started" Guide ←


Enjoy, and as usual, feel free to share your feedback with us.

Product Manager
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