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Hi fellow readers.

We are glad to announce that we just released our new version of Galigeo Location Intelligence for SAP BI (codename: G19).
Note: You will find all the useful links (download, what's new, ...) at the end of this post

This new version brings a lot more new features to the table, with the aim to help democratizing Location Intelligence within Business Analytics and Reporting processes.

With Galigeo G19, we have specifically re-thought the way of leveraging geodata, and the different possibilities you have to blend it with operational and contextual data to help on getting insights faster.

Below is a sneak peek how what you will be able to find in this new version.

Your own GIS Server dedicated to your Analytics

We have completely rethought the way to work with geodata. Galigeo Location Intelligence can now act as a GIS Server, but without all the technical fuss and for a fraction of the price.

Manage your business territories efficiently

Any departments in charge of managing territories (sales territories, catchment areas, ...) can benefit from our redesigned Territory Manager. We have refined the UI to improve the User Experience, and added a lot of new features to make the management more powerful.

Get faster spatial insights with Excel-like filters

In two clicks, add actionable filters directly on the map and get faster to the insights.

Here is a set of useful links regarding Galigeo Location Intelligence G19:

Not a customer yet? You can try out Galigeo for free with our 30-day free trial available on our website.

Do not hesitate to comment this post if you have any questions or feedback, or contact us here ?.

Best regards,

Vincent Dechandon
Product Manager
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