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There are already some amazing blogs around Functional acknowledgement for EDI interfaces

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Functional Acknowledgement Status Reporting in sap PI 7.31 B2B add-on

For beginners in B2B integration,it's still a challenge to distinguish between the approaches for sending 997 in inbound and outbound scenarios(personal experience :smile: )

Thought of sharing these two different methods in a simple blog:

(Will take example of ANSI X12 EDI message)

Outbound Scenario:

-> Order change IDoc from SAP is transmitted to EDI VAN in form of EDI 860

->EDI 997 (to concede the receipt of EDI 860)  is sent back by vendors, this should update the status of Outbound ORDCHG IDoc from 03 to 16 (FA received)  

   one possible way is to translate incoming 997 to STATUS IDoc

Outbound IDoc to EDI Mapping -> Send IDoc number(trailing 9 characters) in any of the control numbers ( this case we have per IDoc one EDI document)

  here, ISA13/GS06 can be mapped as per requirement

EDI 997 to STATUS IDoc Mapping ->

EDI 997 structure, has different AK levels, in this case we consider GS level

AK102 is mapped to ESTATS-> DOCNUM

AK901 is mapped to STATUS field ( A (accepted) -> 16, R (rejected)-> 17))

First Flow:

ORDCHG IDoc to EDI 860

Module X12ConverterModule is used at the receiver side

Second Flow:

EDI 997 to EDI separator receiver; EDI separator sender to STATUS IDoc (refer Inbound Scenario in the latter part)

Once the STATUS IDoc is delivered successfully, the status of original Outbound IDoc is changed to 16

Inbound Scenario:

B2B- EDI Inbound -Step by Step Configuration

First Flow-> EDI 855 is sent from EDI VAN (any B2B sender adapter) to EDI separator receiver (no mapping is required)

EDI separator receiver splits the received bulk messages and has a configuration to send back FA 997(options- required/ not required/ read from envelope (ISA segment)

Second Flow -> EDI separator sender (855) to SAP (here, IDoc)->( mapping is required)

Module X12ConverterModule is used at the sender side

Third Flow-> EDI separator sender (997) to EDI VAN -> (no mapping required) 

Reverse the sender /receiver ID of the first flow in the 997 configuration

Note- No converter module is required here, as 997 is generated by adapter in raw EDI format.

Monitoring of acknowledgements is already covered in blogs related to B2B monitoring

Improved monitoring of B2B scenarios running on SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration - part 2: local ...

Note- FA 997 can also be configured based on partner profiles using TPM

Hope this helps :smile:

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