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Being new to this community and having noticed theData Geek Challenge I took a look at SAP Predictive Analysis and did my first steps with the activities from the known actor David Hasselhoff (disclaimer: I'm not a fan, I just noticed him while being in the recent news).

In order to handle the data I categorized his publications in four categories: single, albums, films and television appearances:

Since 1975 he did impressive 117 publications and I wondered what he will do in the future?

To solve this I used the time series function withtin the SAP Predictive Analysis suite and did a linear regression to predict the future:

As we can see he will produce a lot of new stuff :wink:


What do you think will the titles be?

Conclusion: SAP Predictive Analysis is a great tool to replace a crystal ball and to do some clairyocance.

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