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This blog is a continuation my earlier Full Day/Half Day Customisation of My Leave Requests post.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am also assuming you readers have already deployed their applications from the WebIDE to their ABAP repositories.

It's been a long time coming but this is the second in the series of my customisation journey.  This will be a much shorter blog post surrounding the LPD_CUST screen, and the changes I made here.


LPD_CUST is the T-Code(Transaction Code) you need to use to access the screen below.  From here you are able to customise a Launchpad on a gateway system.  As you can see there is already a launchpad listed under my name.

Within our system the role UIXO1HCM hold all of out HCM(Human Capital Management or HR) transactional app.  Double clicking on the role will open up more details.

Change Launchpad

Within the change Launchpad screen you can see all of the Fiori apps associated with the role.  As you can see below we have two apps that have similar names My Leave Requests and My Leave Requests EXT

My Leave Request

Is the SAP standard application.  This has not been edited, if you see my earlier post (link above), it will show how I extended this application.

My Leave Request EXT

Is the Extension application I created, this item was created by right-clicking on My Leave Requests and pasting it in to the link.


Now click on the copy you have just created you will get more details about it.

LINK TEXT - The link text needs changing so that you can identify the difference between the standard app and the extension.

APPLICATION TYPE - This can stay as URL, as the extension is the same type as original.

URL - This needs to point the location of your application in your gateway system, in my case is points directly to the index.html file of my application.  I do not know if this is 100% correct, but it was the only way I could get the app to work on the launchpad.


Click this button as there are a couple more advanced options I had to set.

APPLICATION ALIAS - This is an alternate name you wish you give your application, ideally something more concise, as you will need to use it when editing the launchpad icons.  Editing launchpad icons is done directly on the launchpad via your browser.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - This additional information is gathered from your extension on the WebIDE and is normally found in the component.js file.  It should point to the location of the component.js file of your extension.

OK, So there you go, this one was a little shorter than the last one and based on a request from my previous blog.  Again all comments and questions welcome.  I hope people find it useful!

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