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BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is a query, reporting, and analysis tool used to build reports from relational and OLAP data sources and to analyze data using features such as filters, conditional formatting, and data tracking.

Below I have attempted to list of the features I feel are notable, though the list is big, I have listed only few as I feel this can be easily related to

Microsoft Excel  life freeze option

Now when you view a Web Intelligence report in Quick Display mode, you can freeze headers, rows, or

columns in tables like in Excel to keep them at a fixed place or displayed as you scroll up & down, Left & right through the report page analyzing data.

Depending on the table your are using to display your data you have option to freeze one of more of the zones.  Also, the shortcut to the feature can be easily found  on the main toolbar making it easier for navigation and access.

Web Intelligence usability

You can fold and unfold tables in Reading mode in the Web Intelligence HTML interface

Something I always wished for, an object value selector is now available in the Formula Editor. So whenever you are editing a formula with an object with LOV defined, you can display the available values by double-clicking values in the Available Objects pane. This makes the List of Values selector appear and you select the values you want to use in the Formula Editor.

In the toolbar above the Side panel, there is now an Edit data provider button that allows easier

access to the Query Panel.

In the Query Panel, you can now execute a newly-added query without having to refresh all existing


Query stripping

Query stripping is a reporting feature, used only in Web Intelligence,  that can be used to optimize performance. Query Stripping automatically rewrites the query to retrieve only the objects included in the report and exclude others which are not needed Earlier Query Stripping was available only for non-relational Universe, however now it is also made available for relational universes, to use the same the administrator needs to enable the option.

The Allow query stripping option is unselected by default and needs to be selected in the business layer properties in the information to activate the feature.

Also, the Enable query stripping option is selected in the document properties in Web Intelligence (selected by default) and is also provided for  data provider in the query properties in Web Intelligence (selected by default).

For Non-relational type of Universe, the query stripping option is enabled by default and does not require user intervention.

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