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Ok not quite Windows 8 phone, still waiting for the SDK to be released, but the next best thing, creating Windows 8 Metro (sorry Windows 8 style UI) apps. Lol does not trip off the tongue so well !

Anyway with the event of NetWeaver Gateway being callable from Windows 8 Javascript and the new SUP 2.2 release also beig callable from Javascript and the possibility of a later version of Afaria controlling Windows 8 and Windows 8 phone. Things are looking up for the Microsoft mobility offering.

There are four events planned in London and Manchester in the UK:

Microsoft Uk Windows 8 Devcamps

For Windows Phone Developers Already have a Windows Phone application? This day will help you migrate your application from Windows Phone to Windows 8 with technical and UX experts on hand to answer your questions on a 1:1 basis.  You will have access to a series of no-nonsense cheat sheets that will explain how to implement behaviours and controls that are common across Windows 8 style applications.

I will be at the London event on the 30th, come and say Hi if you are too.

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