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We often heard that Open Source Software allows us to Innovate great things, faster and less disruptive than an enterprise software, however the challenge about these technologies is to make them enterprise trust worthy. This is where the SAP Cloud technologies like Kyma and BTP comes in handy.

Having these solutions coming from SAP, we have embarked on writing our Industry Cloud Software using FOSS ( Free Open Source Software) Stack on SAP Kyma with BTP for Integrations to all the SAP S/4 and other Cloud Applications.

In our case, our target Industry being the Educational customers, who are historically known for building many quick legacy systems inhouse than buying something off the shelf product. This is a proof why we don't find many enterprise software leaders offering solutions for the Education industry, There may be some but not very popularly adopted and many are limited to a geography.

This is one of the reason why we choose to build our Industry Cloud Software using FOSS but we want to make them Enterprise Grade Software that it has a global acceptance, so naturally as EX SAPiens we opted SAP Cloud Platform with Kyma, best of it being available as an Open Source. For those who don't know what is Kyma - "Kyma is an application runtime that provides you a flexible and easy way to connect, extend, and customize your applications in the cloud-native world of Kubernetes."

So our first choice was to use Fiori, however the given the volume of prospects and the users preference to access on mobile and to keep them apart from the core financial system, we have chosen to use React as a front end and communicated via Microservice Architecture.

Micro Services: Even though we could decouple the front end users but we were always depend on the Critical Data to be read and written back into SAP. So we used BTP to implement our Microservices and connect to our Postgrs Database.

Summary : The side cart approach doesn't need to be in SAP, SAP Business Platform allows to choose your own stack and run with Confidence from SAP Technologies and seamlessly integrate and innovate instead of complicating to much inside core.


Do drop a note on how we are innovating using AI Conversation Engine, Predictive Analytics and others areas, we would be happy to address them in our next blogs.
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