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Author: Subhash Matta

Company: NTT DATA Global Delivery
Services Limited

Author Bio :

Subhash Matta is a Senior Consultant at NTT DATA from the
SAP Analytics Practice

This SCN can be useful in some special cases where a cube compression activity fails due to Index size becomes larger than table (more than table size). Compression is nothing but deleting the Request ID’s and moving the data from F Fact Table to E Fact table. This will enable for an improved Query performance. If the compression activity fails it will hinder the Query performance. 

Take a scenario, where the cube compression fails.

First thing you can do would be a few/single request is taken into the compression request and try compressing.

If this attempt fails due to an error, “Failed compression:”
SQL-ERROR: 942 ORA-00xxx: table or view does not exist
.  This could be result of the Database adjustments or the table index size issue.

This can be resolved as below.


Go to Transaction code, SE14 ABAP Dictionary: Database Utility. Give the table name
of the E Fact Table of an Infocube where in the error is showing.

Press Enter you will get the below screen.


Click on “Activates and Adjust database” please make sure
that the option is on “SAVE DATA”, else you can lose the data in the cube.
Please be careful, as this will generally be done in Production, we cannot
afford to lose data.


After the completion of “Activate and adjust” step, Goto -> Extras -> Force Conversion.

After this activtity
completes successfully the above shown message pops up. Please try repeating the compression again.

If this again fails, please check if the table is active, if not please activate the table and try to compress.

This should be successful.

NOTE: The solution suggested is applicable to BW version 7.23 and more. If you don’t have the
mentioned version please raise a request with SAP. Please perform this activity in background for monitoring the job.

Please note that this activity will take more time if the data is more in the table.

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