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HANA impressed the community with its unique capabilities for sure, once we saw the facts live, brought by HANA, we all started to consider necessity of BW including me. Because HANA live analytics totally allured our minds and we have lost our wisdom.

However, BW stayed cool and gave us time to digest the innovations brought by HANA.

Last week we have completed Turkey's biggest company's BW HANA migration, almost with zero defect. 1.6 TB data streched to 300 GB, query performance improwed  approximately 20 times. All reporting and solution landscape including BPC moved to HANA. ERP migration to HANA is started, we have converted the existing system for Sandbox purposes, HANA optimized transactions' performance results were incredible.

Next step is to enable Real time operational reporting but how?

Let's assume that BW is not supported by HANA, only available with other dbs; then there is only one way to get benefit from HANA live is requiring eclipse based modeling tools or simply HANA Studio. All virtual data models should be modelled and enhanced in this new envorinment (at least for most of us).  But what will happen to analytic and reporting heritage and investments that shaped in many years. Not only from solution perspective but also from people point of view.

Thanks to SAP, our trusted long way pal BW is evolved faster than us and became the new era's mega trends foundation by keeping the heritage. Now BW is guiding the whole community and moving to next stage.

Just a small example to express my self: your organization is answering these questions by BW with 1 day latency using SAP ERP extractors:

  • How many open quantities for each order item? What is the value?
  • What are my top 10 materials based on incoming orders?

With SAP ERP on HANA powered by Hana Live, your existing BW running on HANA serving the same portion of information real-time !

view called SalesOrderItemNetAmountQuery can be base for your virtual data provider:

You can create a VirtualProvider based on a SAP HANA model. You can merge the VirtualProvider in a CompositeProvider or MultiProvider with other InfoProviders. This function also allows you to use the OLAP functions in the BW system to analyze the SAP HANA models. It is suited for more stable and longer term scenarios:

Now it is time to plan and consume mixed scenerios for the real benefits of HANA.



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