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Source: 2015 - SAP Inside Track Munich

Today was SAP Inside Track Munich.  The event had it owns site at and was streamed online using Google Hangout

Top tweet at 39 retweets, 36 favorites was by christian.braukmller4 :

Using the "Connections" area of Lumira, I was able to update previous analyses of Inside Tracks and refresh for the following visualizations:

Most of the tweets came from the iPhone, with a close second Twitter for Android.  Applying what I learned in the Data Genius webcast series, I am showing the data labels.

Because the event was today, most of the tweets were today.  Yesterday there was a Code Jam too, so there was a high volume of tweets.  I understand the event was sold out, so not much twitter advertising occurred for the event earlier in the week.

Above is a recommended visualization showing the SAP Mentors twitter account as the outlier.

It's no surprise that the Berlin time zone has the most tweets.  London is the location for the SAP Inside Track Twitter handle, and Pacific is the time zone for the SAP Mentors twitter handle.

Top tweeters were christian.drumm and the SAP Inside Track Twitter handle.  Kudos to Christian whose tweets were not just high in quantity but high in quality.

The top language for tweets was English, with German being second.

I was able to join a session using Google Hangout, with thanks to a tweet from gregor.wolf4, one of the SAP Inside Track Organizers.

Tudor Girba's session was "Solving Problems without Reading Code".   Here is his site: Moose

I recall he mentioned "no scrollbar" during his session; this as on SCN we are dealing with a scrollbar all the time.

Here's a tweet thanking the organizers:

The next SAP Inside Track is the Netherlands.  See SAP Inside Track Netherlands 007 with CodeJam UI5 by twan.vandenbroek

I'm looking forward to hearing more from SAP Inside Track Munich attendees; hopefully they will share their experiences here on SCN.

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