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In this document, I have tried to explain the step by step procedure for integration and connection between the satellite system and Focused run application, you will find very limited document related to this as this is a new product and very limited client and businesses has implemented it yet,  I have done this for one of the business scenario, so I have explained it in very detailed on basis of my observation and the challenges faced, installation of Focused run is simple, but the business scenario is very wide.

Note: FR Stands for Focused Run Application


Install SAP Host agent on Satellite system using SAPADM user and password.


Navigate to executable folder of Sap Host Agent, there you will find an executable binary file (saphostctrl), use this file, and execute below script related to Configure outside discovery of satellite system to target as Focused Run, below is the example script, and values that I have put as an example are.

  1. FRN_LDDS_SOP: This user is the SLD user which must be created in Focused Run before running the script.

  2. Abcd: This is a password of SLD user FRN_LDDS_SOP, which we have created in Focused Run and it is to be set in advance before execution of script.

  3. XYZ is the host name of Focused Run application with domain.

  4. 8001: Is the port of SLD of focused Run.

Please make sure to take the below script as it is and the above parameter (1, 2, 3, 4) you can take as per your choice.

By Default, SLD will be embedded within focused run, and you can explore SLD via Fiori portal in Focused Run, and all the configuration related to focused run will be accessed and modified via Fiori portal only.

./saphostctrl -function ConfigureOutsideDiscovery  -enable -sldusername FRN_LDDS_SOP -sldpassword Abcd -sldhost -sldport 8001

Once the above script is run, one http type RFC will be created automatically in our FR system, in our case the source system SID for example is BPC, so the RFC name will be WSAPBOC01~LOCALNETWORK.


Install Simple Diagnostic agent from Focused Run to Satellite System, you have to login to FR system.
Simple diagnostic agent must be uploaded as a package within focused run Configuration, no need to install SDA, separately.
Now Go to Fiori App->Agent Administration->Manual Configuration, see below screen for example

Under manual configuration click on execute all, Installation will be failed with below error as HTTP handshake not possible.

In that case you must check http (G type) RFC in focused run and correct them as below.

Change the http port from 1129 to 1128, because 1128 port is used for http and 1129 is used for https, and update correct password for SAPADM, if required please change the password and select SSL as inactive and re-run agent installation once again, it will be successfully installed. See the changes below with screenshot, this RFC was created in step 2.

In the below Simple Diagnostic Agent shows green.


On the satellite system Create HTTP type RFC destination targeting to focused Run system information, please make sure, the user FRN_LDDS_SOP is already created in FR and the password is set.


In the satellite system, execute Report RSLDHTTPCONF (SA38) or run below configuration.

In "RZ70 Configuration" Tab, select "Add" and enter the HTTP Destination you have just created. Select "Activate" and activate it. Now select destination and Press Execute (F8). It will show up HTTP Created Successfully in SM59.

This will help to register ABAP Data Supplier in FR SLD, ABAP Technical System ( BCSystem )



In the satellite system Configure SAP Start Service Data Supplier using below scripts

/usr/sap/<SID>/ASCS<InstNbr>/exe/sldreg -configure/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/slddest.cfg –usekeyfile

Once you run the above script from satellite system using ( sldreg ), it will ask for the information for the FR system, we have to provide all the details step by step, like host name, SLD user name, http port number, password etc..
In FR system, you have to run below script to check the connectivity of the backend satellite system
sldreg -showconnect /usr/sap/SID/SYS/global/slddest.cfg

After running above script in Satellite system restart the sapstartsrv service for all the instance using below script

sapcontrol -nr <Central Instance  Number> -function RestartService

Check logs and XML /usr/sap/<SID>/<Instance>/work/ and /usr/sap/<SID>/D*<Instance Number>/work/  if the dev_sldregk, dev_sldregs, dev_krnlreg and sapstartsrv_sld.xml are correctly generated

This will help to register the ABAPInstanceKernel Payload.



Now open Fiori app in FR and click on Simple System Integration, it will give you the list of all the satellite system needs to configure.

Select satellite system, click on edit configuration and create the RFC.

Once the RFC is created, run Manual Configuration it will be successful, and the configuration icon will become green.


In this article, I have tried my best to put every single step, so that any one can easily do the configuration and integration, I spent lot of time to gain these steps, and you will find these steps in FR guide as well, so hope you will like this article, and will be helpful for everyone, I will also try to cover FR Technical scenario in a separate sap blog.

Please provide your feedback and suggestion.


Madhvendra Malviya

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