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The Data Volume Management Data Provider ( /STDF/DP_DVM ) can be very useful for creating fancy and flexible dashboards displaying various metrics in the data volume management area with only a few clicks, e.g. for tracking the success of housekeeping jobs.

However, there is currently a limitation in the selection of database tables which can be overcome with a workaround which I will show you in this blog post.

Wow, what´s that? A sawtooth chart? Seems the housekeeping is working 🙂


Creating a query

Intuitively, one could create a query by using the "Size of ABAP Tales (MB)" metric and select the desired tables in the "Advanced Filters" tab.



Limitation in the current release

Unfortunately, the access to the data tables across the system landscape is restricted to a certain number while the provided filters in the "Filters" tab are currently not working. In other words, whatever filters you use (e.g. System ID, Application Area etc.) you get always displayed the same tables to select from.

In this example we see 250 tables starting with S1P which represents the system ID. FIltering by system ID F10 does not affect the values of the tables in Advanced Filters.

Searching for a specific table like MARA has no results as this table is not in S1P (which is a SAP Solution system) but in other systems like F10 (which is an ERP system) ...far beyond the accessible tables 😉



Verification of the "Table Name" filter

The filter works fine for all strings that are loaded...

...but not for those we are searching for 😞




For getting access to the table you want, first select any table you can see on the screen.

Then, switch to the "Expert" tab with the automatically generated query...

..and adapt the system ID as well as the table name while keeping the space characters between them untouched. That´s it!

The line graph is being created after refreshing the "Preview" section.




As long as there is no fix provided by SAP, you can overcome this limitation easily by adapting the query manually in the "Expert" section.

So long, have fun with the Data Volume Management Data Provider 🙂

All screenshots were taken by me in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS11 with ST-OST 200 SP06 and the latest SAP Notes implemented.

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