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Hi All,


This article will provide the steps to create a scenario where we use a CSV file from AL11 (APO system) as source and target as IBP staging table.

Its very easy to develop as the logic is simple, only involving direct mapping in HCI DS



  1. Create a data source in HCI DS sandbox system.

In the configuration tab, maintain the required default details and path and system details from where the file needs to be picked up

Below snapshot will give some idea on the same


2. Use the file format tab on the same datastore to create the source file structure or you can also import the CSV sample file to generate the source structure.

Below snapshot shows the icon to create the file format


I have maintained the file format structure as below


3. Create a task under the existing project to implement our scenario

We have only query step in this interface flow, apart from the source flat format and target staging table as shown in the below snapshot



4. Check the filter check box to only pass the unique values to IBP


5. Map all the root attributes and key target fields so that you do not encounter any errors during the run


6.Maintain the execution properties to the task and also maintain the mandatory global parameters for the scenario

7. Now the job is complete and the validation also dint throw any error.

The job run shows processing complete with errors

8. We can have a look at monitor log to check the number of records that were provided as input and also the number of records that got updated at target.

Additionally error logs and trace will provide the more details on the run as well

Error log :

Trace Log:


This is a very easy approach but the file has to be placed on AL11 as per schedule, for the job to pick data and run.



Rohini Potham
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