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The month of August has been packed with goodies for all you who are using FlashPipe (and if you are not, what are you waiting for... it's open-source! 😉)


The latest releases 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 come with hot new features 🔥 that are really cool 😎 If you have missed the release notes, don't worry, we've got you covered here!


Hot Feature 1 - 🔥 Tenant Snapshot 🔥

This fantastic new feature is contributed by ariel.bravoayala3. This will come in handy especially for those of you who are paranoid that someone else might be messing with your IFlows! 😂


By setting up a workflow on GitHub Actions, you can easily trigger it whenever you want (or schedule it periodically).

FlashPipe will then do the heavy lifting, and download (comparing where necessary) and add it to your Git repository.

Workflow Logs

Voila! All your integration flows are safe and sound now!


The initial version caters only for integration flow - other objects will come as time goes by.


Hot Feature 2 - 🔥 Simulation Testing 🔥

One of the game-changing feature that came to Cloud Integration is Integration Flow Simulation which arrived over a year ago.

This feature can now be used in FlashPipe (currently only on Neo environment) and can be really useful if you want to incorporate more testing capabilities in your CI/CD pipeline.

If you are already incorporating Maven into your development process (e.g. for your Groovy scripts), then this is definitely for you so that you can extend your testing capabilities.


Firstly, you define the scope for simulation test.

IFlow Simulation

Then configure the test case in a JSON file, with relevant input and expected output files.


And finally, run the simulation test in Maven, and success!! 🏁

TestCaseRunner run


Try it out today!

Head over to FlashPipe's GitHub repository to check out how you can get started and use this new features amongst others.

And if you are stuck, don't worry, head over to the companion FlashPipe examples repository, where you can find the setup for the different use cases.
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