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Some of the FIORI MRP apps stopped working.

  • F063 Monitor Internal Requirements

  • F0247A Monitor Material Coverage - Net Segments (Version 2)

  • F0251 Manage Material Coverage for Production Planner

  • F1017 Manage PIRs for Material Planner - External Procurement

I could not enter MRP controller or Plant or MRP area even if filter is turned on. They had invalid entry entered. They are not recognized in the apps.

I spent a few frustrating days to investigate what could be causing this. This blog is result of the investigation and the fix I found.

Main Part

The FIORI MRP apps used to work before. After a system refresh, they stopped working.

Investigating the issue, I bump into Area of Responsibility.


Area of Responsibility

This is a combination of MRP controller and Plant. The apps usually pop this and request for Plant and MRP controller. Once you set, you do not have to worry about. However if it is lost, here is how you enter it in the FIORI apps.


Go to to there personal settings on the far left WHEN YOU ARE IN A MRP app. Otherwise you will not see MRP settings. Click on MRP settings.

Voilà - you see the Area of Responsibility. Click and you can select Plant and MRP Controller combinations.

NOTE: Multiple combination of MRP Controller and Plant is possible as you can see here unlike R/3 where most transaction run on one MRP controller.

Click OK and save.  When you run MRP apps, MRP controller, Plant combination(s) are read from Area of Responsiblity. You do not need to set them in the filter. The apps start to work again.


When MRP apps are not working, look into your Area of Responsibility using MRP settings in your FIORI settings. Make sure the setting has all the MRP controller/Plant combinations you are looking for. This is a basic set up that is needed before MRP apps will retrieve data.

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