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Hi guys!

Let me introduce you our extension for SAP Design Studio - FIVE1 CS5

With FIVE1 CS5 knowledge can be stored directly to the context. Either in a dedicated area, or directly in the data table.


- Extending / manipulating the SAP Crosstable

- Commenting in:

     1. Crosstable

     2. CS5 Editor

     3. Charts

     4. Basically everything where you can click on :smile:

- Endless comments, easy formatting

- Key manipulation: deactivate, set specific keys or apply an offset for date characteristics

- Add multiple commentary columns to the crosstable and pick their positions

- Scripting commands like: show/hide columns, set readonly, disable, save, auto-save, set keys...

- Stand-alone Editor

- Visual customizing, cell colors, width/heights, css styles

- (Communication with Excel -> FIVE1 CSX)

CS5 Editor - no crosstab is attached yet. Two tasks you have to do:

1. assign a DataSource

2. enter backend connection url

Design Time:

In the runtime you can handle the characteristics, you want to comment to, with the generated Dropdown-Boxes

or use your own key-holder components (just by adding 1 line of scripting)


Now the interesting part: attached to a crosstab

We see that this little dragon (who disappears in runtime), has already modified the crosstab.

2 Columns where added, the second one has key changes and a custom title:

- "Kalenderjahr" was set with an offset to +2


Cells automatically get bigger, if the width/height settings stay on "auto"

General design settings screenshot:

What do you think?

For more information: FIVE1 CS5 |

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