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“This year, I’m going to learn something new. It’ll be fun, and I know I can do it.” That’s the thought I hope will run through your mind when you see the task before you.

Small and large businesses alike are adopting cloud computing. Some of you who aspire to become entrepreneurs are thinking about seizing this opportunity. But how do you get started? A developer or consultant might begin by earning appropriate certifications. Let’s start the new year by obtaining five cloud certifications in the next ten days. SAP will cover the preparation. Are you up for our New Year’s Resolution Challenge?

Are you ready to earn the latest cloud certifications?

SAP recently released new certifications for the Extension Suite, Integration Suite, and SAP HANA Cloud. As a developer or consultant, certifications focus on theoretical knowledge and help you show your interest and understanding. A solid understanding of these areas will prepare you for SAP’s Business Technology Platform.

Which sequence will we follow?

Having all five SAP Business Technology Platform certifications as a consultant or developer will give you a complete foundational picture of the platform. By following this order, you will build up further knowledge progressively on a broader foundation with each certification. Suppose you need two attempts to complete a certificate. In that case, you still have a chance to meet all the proposed certifications, or if you need a second pass twice, you still have a well-rounded set of certificates for development.

What you need to take on this challenge

SAP currently offers a new type of Learning Journey for free. It includes everything you need to prepare. The price of on-site training would be up to 2175 euros per training, while the cost of reading the material in the SAP Learning Hub would be less. So let's take advantage of SAP's current offer and utilize the free Learning Journeys.

While SAP offers Learning Journeys for free, certification attempts are not. Today, most people opt to buy, for example, six attempts for the SAP Global Certification Online exam rather than visit an SAP center on-site. These online exams cost 500 euros per 6 attempts in Germany. If your employer is willing to cover these costs, take advantage of your workplace’s education budget.

Time is as important as money in completing this challenge. There is a tendency for people to delay their certification attempts because they feel unprepared. You may feel better knowing you achieved way above the cut score, but much more time will only yield marginal gains. Two outcomes are possible. Either you fail or you pass. There is no middle ground. Our experience suggests that you should prepare for each certification for at least one and a half days. We challenge you to earn five cloud certifications within ten days.

Are you ready to take the lead on your SAP BTP journey?

Maintaining your skills and staying on top of new technologies can and should be a constant process. 2022 should be a year of learning and growth for you! Are you up for the New Year’s Challenge to earn five SAP Business Technology Platform certifications in 10 business days? Let’s get started on a prosperous new year together.
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