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One year ago, I posted my First impressions of SAP Data Hub 1.4.0 and since then the product has developed significantly.

To start with, if you installed SAP Data Hub on SUSE CaaS Platform, please ensure that you implemented SAP Note 2776522 - SAP Data Hub 2: Specific Configurations for Installation on SUSE CaaS Platform.

Then, if you want to access SAP Data Hub Launchpad from a machine that is not part of the network of your Kubernetes cluster, you must create a NodePort service to expose SAP Data Hub System Management. This service type opens the same port in every node.

And similarly, if you want to expose SAP Vora Transaction Coordinator and SAP HANA Wire externally.

The first improvement over SAP Data Hub 2.4.1 becomes obvious when I recreate my scenario to Send your Raspberry Pi sensor data to SAP Vora via Apache Kafka managed by the SAP Data Hub. Now I do not have to enter the Kafka connection details into the Kafka Consumer Operator any longer, but can instead use a respective Connection (that does by the way not pass the Test Connection in SAP Data Hub 2.5.0 yet, but still works perfectly fine in both the Kafka Consumer and the Kafka Producer Operator):

Similarly, when recreating my scenario to Send your Raspberry Pi sensor data to SAP Vora via Eclipse Paho MQTT managed by the SAP Data Hub, I do not have to enter the defaultAvroSchema by hand any longer but can instead use the new configuration user interface:

Finally, when I recreate my scenario to Leverage your SAP Data Hub with SAP Agile Data Preparation, I get similar data preparation functionality within SAP Data Hub 2.5.0 now (not function equivalent but similar):

There are many more New Features in SAP Data Hub 2.5, but these have been my first impressions starting to work with it.
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