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Being this the first blog post, I am very excited to write my experience as an attendee, organizer, learner and speaker for first SAP inside track held at Chandigarh (city beautiful) 160101, INDIA.

Every step is challenging either it’s organizing (went up to many places with fellow collogues from venue to goodies selection, transport management etc.), speaker (being a SAP core abaper in my current role to thinking out of the box and suddenly taking a look at SAP cloud platform and presented a 30 minute session on SAP Cloud Platform Workflow showing 2 Demos (manual context and by consuming odata services) and Once all done then before the final day , we did Dry run and found everything good .

31st AUGUST 2019 – GO LIVE Day saved in life time experience

Event was inaugurated by a super inspiring video from none other than craig.cmehil – I found him cool and very knowledgeable person. Thanks Craig for coming and motivating us .


Then 1st session was driven by on “Crazy Stuff on Northwind Odata service” – It was very interesting to learn and hear DJ as I am his follower as well as attending his hands-on sessions. Session link. Thanks DJ for coming and inspiring us to be ALIVE and DO coding.


The second session was given gaurav.karkara3. He presented about a topic on Steampunk --ABAP in Cloud. Word is new to me so it gave me an insight to think on this and explore on this topic also. That was nice and informative session. Thanks Gaurav.


Third session was given by sunil.chandra on SAP Cloud Platform Integration. It was a very well organized session where we had healthy discussion about different integration options such CPI, connectors etc. Thanks Sunil.


After this we went for LUNCH break where we have a get together and formal talk on working organizations, experience sharing sessions followed by Group Photo.


The fourth session was by anurag.keshri on SAP Mobile Cards. It was a very clear to the point session with good round of discussions where he showed leave approval app on mobile. Found good and informative .Thanks Anurag .Now challenge is to me to replicate the same in my Android mobile J


The fifth session was by vijay.sharma4 which was on Extensibility. Where he showed S4 HANA extensibility and presented various scenario. Audience shows keen interest on this as well and lots of discussion happened on this also to understand and feasibility study on extension of business and why we need this J


Last Session was presented by me over SAP cloud platform workflow where I showed the team how to enable workflow services then workflow editor , JSON contex , Different type of task , gateways and working Demo on purchase order app taking reference of Northwind odata service . I hope I was good in delivering that –that was my first SAP Cloud platform demo.


Group Photograph 



A big thanks to nabheet.madan3 who really thinks to have #sitCHD event in chandigarh where people in around of 300 km , different 8 companies came and share thought on SAP hot topics .

A really big thanks to our Sponsors ( SAP , SAPPress , Espresso Tutorial ), Organizers , Speakers and large audience and Hotel team KC cross Road , Panchkula , India for helping us through out the event .

Some Goodies that we received from SAP .

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