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After preparing the Fiori application for request and approval of travel expenses may not generate the approval workflow for the manager. This has happened to us after deploying the application. Fortunately with a little research we have been able to configure it, this entry will try to help you in this task 😉

** note that some screen shorts are in spanish.

To generate the WF of travel expenses we can follow these steps:


1- WSDD transaction: we go to the workflow "WS20000040".

In the top menu we will press "Workflow"> "Save as ...". We add the data name and description (free text).

After saving the data will generate a new workflow with an identifier similar to WS9xxxxx. It is important to save this identifier.

In the workflow generated delete the following steps:

Now the workflow should look like this:


Let's set up the approval task. For this, we go to step 416 "Authorize travel data" (on the right hand). Click on the "Control" tab and get the task number of the workflow "TSxxxxxx".


2- We copy the standard task to modify in the transaction "PFTC". To do so, enter "Standar task" as a type and the task selected in last step. Then press button Copy.

Then add description and identify (Text free) and save register.

We will access to the detail of the task. Then, in the top menu click on "Additional data"> "Assign responsible"> "Update"

In the next screen that appears click the button "Properties ..."

In the pop up select "General task"


3- We return to the transaction: WSDD to change the standard task for our modified task. We look for our workflow, once inside, look for the task "Authorize data of the trip" and click on the tab "Control" (As we have done previously). 

In the task field we will add the task created in the previous step


The last step is to save and activate the workflow.


4- We go to the transaction: SWE2 and look for the object type: BUS2089. By default this type of object will have the WS20000040 standard workflow for the CREATED and REQUESTCREATED events.

We will select the "create" event and click on the option to copy

We will show the detail of the event, we will add here the workflow before generated WS9xxxx.

We do the same procedure above with the event "REQUESTCREATED".

We delete the previous entries that contain the workflow WS20000040


5- Configuring task tables.

With transaction SM30 we will modify the table "SRA008_T_TASKTYP". In this table we will add the generated workflow (WS9xxxxx).

Also with transaction SM30 we will add the actions in the table "SRA008_T_ CONFIG". We will add the APPROVE and REJECT records


Congratulations, your managers can already accept your travel expenses 🙂

Thanks to gfandosg for the help to make this tutorial.
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