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For any application or product monitoring and usage statistics is undoubtedly one of very demanded and most helpful when it comes to evaluate any planning to be done or decisions to be taken.

At present for on-premises SAP Fiori system there isn't a out-of-the box SAP standard UI5 application(s) or ABAP report for usage of various SAPUI5 applications hosted/configured onto Fiori launchpad, meaning users can’t run a ABAP report/open UI5 app and have the list of most popular SAP Fiori applications or pull user statistics.
Currently SAP didn’t provide any tools to track the usage of the application (Tiles) in the launchpad. I came across several option & suggestions but none of them were really giving the real usages.

This is something many people have been looking for since the beginning of the SAP Fiori offering. So we thought(nikita_bhat and myself) to come up with a custom framework solution based on the SAP Fiori launchpad plugin. The technical artifacts reside on Fiori gateway central hub system that collects data for each of backend systems in the landscape.

This is an open source project and we look forward for all of you to make use of it and come forward for improvements/feedback and features.


Target Audience 

This document is for whom has the experience of SAPUI5 along with ABAP OData service development

Sneak peek of end results

Before getting into deep dive, let us see what is final goal

Application Activity Tracker:

This is an Fiori overview page (OVP) driven by ABAP CDS on Fiori gateway system.

User Activity Tracker

This is an Fiori overview page (OVP) driven by ABAP CDS on Fiori gateway system.

On the first card, one could click on "Date" column and navigate to "User Logon Details" app via app-to-app navigation for various users logged in for a given date.

User Logon Details

This is an Fiori List Report driven by ABAP CDS on Fiori gateway system.


Implementation Steps

Could be found on Github repo with documentation. Steps are as below for Launchpad Plugin Tracker:

  1. Launchpad Event Tracker

  2. Application Overview Page

  3. User Overview Page

  4. User Logon Details

  5. Purge Fiori activity application & user data


With above custom SAPUI5 applications it is now possible to monitor all Fiori tiles usage and user monitoring.

Thank you for reading and would like to hear from you and/or clarifying questions in the comment section.
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