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The tool* that helps the SAP teams on requirements gathering for SAP Fiori launchpad and automates the project's documentation preparation has a new release (2020 FPS01).

It's been around since mid-2018. Now, we have entirely rewritten it  to make it easier to install, run, and extend. It now comes as independent apps that you can pick depending on your project needs. We hope this decoupling will result in quicker adoption as the single apps are easier to understand and operate (SAP Fiori design principles ☝️). It will definitely help us deliver the updates more often while focusing on users' most wanted parts.

Fiori Tracker Core part now comes with two apps:

1. FT applications (with core relation: To-be catalogs) - for keeping "To-be" records of applications in scope

2. FT catalogs (with core relation: To-be apps) - for keeping "To-be" records of catalogs in scope

Give it a go in your sandbox system:

* For those who are new to Fiori Tracker, short description:
Fiori Tracker is a family of apps for keeping a record of your SAP Fiori launchpad's implementation or maintenance scope. The scope is the list of the applications and catalogs you plan to implement or support (referred to as "To-be" records). Application's and catalog's "To-be" records serve as a reference for comparison with actual system configuration (called "As-is"). "As-is" relations enable the project team to control setting up the SAP Fiori launchpad, crucial in projects with many applications deployed across multiple systems.
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