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SAP Fiori provides an easier, more intuitive way to run SAP applications in your organization.For SAP Projects we often deal with custom solutions/enhancements.This blog will help to create the Fiori tile for custom transaction codes or custom reports for sap object. This will be divided in mainly four parts:

  • Create Semantic Object

  • Create Catalog

  • Create Group

  • Create Role


  • Custom transaction code should be working in SAP system

  • Necessary authorizations should be provided to user to create Fiori tiles/groups


  1. Create semantic object using Transaction Code SPRO.
    SPRO >> SAP NetWeaver >> UI Technologies >> SAP Fiori >> Setting up Launchpad Content >> Setting up technical Catalogues >> Define custom semantic objects

  2. Create new semantic object for Tcode & enter the description

  3. Now create catalog using transaction code /n/UI2/FLPD_CUST.Click + and Enter Title & ID

  4. Go to Target mapping and Click on Create target mapping

  5. Enter relevant details and click on save

  6. Go back to tiles and click on + to add tile

  7. Click on App launcher Static, Enter the relevant details as shown below and save

  8. Now to create groups, Go to Groups and click +

  9. Enter the Title and ID, Click on show as tile and add the tile

  10. Now to create a role,Go to PFCG and create new role

  11. Go to add transaction then SAP Fiori Launchpad and first add catalog

  12. Enter the catalog ID

  13. Now go to add transaction then SAP Fiori Launchpad and now add group

  14. Enter group ID

  15. Assign respective user to the role

  16. Now test it using Fiori launchpad

  17. New tile should be available to homepage


By following above steps you can create Fiori tile for any custom transaction code or report


Hope you will find this information useful.

Thank you for reading the blog and please do let me know your thoughts in the comments if this content helps.

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