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This was an ASUG webcast from last week.  Below are my notes

Figure 1, Source: SAP

Figure 2, Source: SAP

Legal disclaimer applies; everything in the future is subject to change.

Figure 3, Source: SAP

Opportunity for new experience

Figure 4, Source: SAP

Big picture of Fiori

Figure 5, Source: SAP

Reference technology includes SAPUI5

Mobile: use Apple/Google SDK

Also have SAP MDK to run on both iOS and Android

Conversational - CoPilot reengineered for conversational AI

Figure 6, Source: SAP

Fiori started in 2013 for the casual user

Fiori 3 came out one year ago, bringing intelligence, integrated experience

Figure 7, Source: SAP

Look, colors, feel with action, floor plans


Figure 8, Source: SAP

Spaces are a new innovation

Recommendation is to have one space for each role

WYSIWYG for admins to set up the role


Figure 9, Source: SAP

More flexibility with spaces

Only have frequently used apps on these pages, and for others, the users can search


Figure 10, Source: SAP

Spaces are the future

SAP Fiori Guidelines for spaces:


Figure 11, Source: SAP

Fiori Launchpad is available on the front end server (NetWeaver) and launching a SAP Cloud Platform service


Deployment options and recommendations:


Figure 12, Source: SAP

Available today, machine intelligence with an explanation pop-over

Figure 13, Source: SAP

4 situations available today in cloud, 3 in on-premise

Figure 14, Source: SAP

Just introduced this

For long-running jobs

Proactively notified with situations

Figure 15, Source SAP

Provide central entry point

Provide integration to SAP back end systems

Content federation

Planned for Business Suite

Figure 16, Source SAP

Plan to provide more information to display information on pages

Figure 17, Source SAP

Leverage home pages

Dynamic content and explanations

Figure 18, Source SAP

An example

Figure 19, Source SAP

Full blown situation page, context, explanation, root cause, solution proposals

Figure 20 Source SAP

Central entry point, so users will avoid having to logon to multiple systems

Future - one inbox, capture tasks from multiple back end systems

Figure 21 Source SAP

Switch between home pages of a product

Figure 22 Source SAP

How the product switch will work, technically

Figure 23 Source SAP

Plans for mobile iOS

Multiple user onboarding, especially for retail

Inline signature capture

Figure 24 Source SAP

Android planned innovations include biometrics

Figure 25 Source SAP

Features provided out of the box

Figure 26 Source SAP

SAPUI5 freestyle

Option to develop extensions

Figure 27 Source SAP

Page types for Fiori elements

Figure 28 Source SAP

Toolset to make it easier to build Fiori apps

Figure 29 Source SAP

Details in the road map

3 things:

Accessibility ARIA standard

Support Odata V4

Fiori Elements for Odata V2/V4

Figure 30 Source SAP

Looking at developer efficiency

Figure 31 Source SAP

Renovation of content design tool

Fiori app manager

Figure 32 Source SAP

Seamless device support with Mobile

Figure 33 Source SAP

Native apps for industries

Gold - planned this year on premise

Figure 34 Source SAP

At the bottom, the conversational AI platform

Prebuilt content

Figure 35 Source SAP

Tiles of different sizes

Digital assistant with natural language interaction

Progressing with central entry point


Question & Answer

Q: Is Cloud Foundry the go forward?

A: for launchpad it is cloud foundry

Q: which version of S/4HANA is spaces available?

A: 2020 provided out of the box

1809 onward can use spaces/pages

Need to move to front end server

Q: Can Fiori apps used with Suite on HANA and if we migrate to S/4HANA can they be reused?

A: Most apps on suite on HANA don't work with S/4HANA; need to check SAP Fiori reference library to see which apps work on both

Q: Integration with SAC with Fiori Launchpad?

A: S/4HANA has integration with SAC today - embedded

Going forward, have SAC embedded in SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad


Link to road map (logon required)

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