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The latest week in the OpenSAP course “Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud “  took a look at design principles and a few basic tools.

The key takeaway from the design principles is that Role Based Apps are fundamentally different.  They’re centered around the user activity  making them simpler to use. They're not necessarily easier to build, but certainly more collaborative and delightful (with pretty pancakes  on top).

In contrast, the traditional design of Transactions takes a system or record based approach where the applicability to all use case is emphasized. This lends them to cluttered and non-intuitive screens .

Some basic tools were mentioned in preparation for the coming weeks. Most have been around for a while and would be familiar to those watching the FIORI, UI5 or mobile development space.

The first one was the FIORI design guidelines and Prototyping kit. It's a nice starting point for exploration. .

The prototoyping kit is pretty useful.  This is a powerpoint pack which allows you to create wireframe/prototypes of expected applications.   It allows developers and other stakeholder to identify how the application may behave before any investment in coding is done.

The HANA Cloud Platform is also introduced (  ).  This is the platform that allows management of  backend services and manages application lifecycle.

The Demo Netweaver Gateway Service Consumption System .

Setting up the  Destination in HCP will look like this.

To those who've installed the RDE beta before, you'll notice that the "Additional Properties" now contain Web IDE properties instead of RDE properties.

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