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My Spend is a complex application when it comes to configuration. In order to make it work seamlessly, a joint effort from FICO functionals as well as Fiori Architect is required.

What is My Spend?

My Spend application is a Manager application in Fiori, where a manager can have a track on the budget allocated at department and Project level, and where it is spent.

This app consolidates budget and spending information and visualizes it in an easy-to-consume way.

Does it require HANA DB?

There are 2 My Spend application(Both transactional).

Key Features

  • Provides accurate budget and spend information anywhere and anytime.
  • Provides graphical as well as detailed level analysis of budget spent and budget left.
  • Highlights budget spent as per the time period (Quarter, Months or Fiscal Year).
  • View budget and actual spending data of your departments and projects
  • Display the overview of a specific area, including the budgeted and actual spending
  • Drill down by various dimensions and to the corresponding accounts


Make sure you implement all mandatory notes for SAP_UI component version and App specific component notes. Recommended approach is to go with the latest release of Support pack.

Install mandatory notes

Check if you have read and implemented following note :

Back-End/Front-End Server

SAP Note Number


Back-end server and front-end server

1940348Information published on SAP site

Collective SAP Note for the My Spend app

For more information on implementation : App Implementation: My Spend - SAP Fiori Apps for Lower Back-End Releases - SAP Library

Enter the URL in Google Chrome

   Wave 1 :


Wave 2+ to latest :

Can be accessed through Fiori Launchpad http://<Hostname>:<Port>;/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html

or view SAP Fiori cloud demo :

SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition

  • Now the cost center group is maintained in Personalization. FPB_MAINTAIN_PERS_S
  • Here we can use only 2 personalization dialog: DIA_CCMONITOR and DIA_IOMONITOR, as these are hardcoded in the services. If enhancement is required, we can include for other dialogs as well.

4. Execute it and provide Customer Data in the required field below.

  1. Similarly follow for internal order as well. Make sure Budget allocation in transaction KP06 is set properly.
  2. Once the configuration is properly set. Please check from Fiori front.
  3. As we have 3 cost centers configured against 1 cost center group, we see here 3 boxes.
  4. Color coding will be as per the Budget exceeded, Near to exceed, Below Budget.
  5. Click/tap on area of Cost center group/Cost center to see the detailed view.
  6. Click on View details.
  7. We can also filter by Other Time Periods: Quarter, Month or Fiscal Year as per below screenshots:

  • Below page defines the overall field definition of My Spend and from where the data is coming into picture.

  • A Cost center group is configured in transaction KSH3 and in that Cost center group, Cost centers are added, which has to be shown. I have maintained 3 cost centers here. Make sure you maintain hierarchy properly.
  • Postings are done from tcode : FB60

PS : Below Screenshot is from Fiori Wave 1 - My Spend (without HANA)

This application covers CO area and deals with only Cost center and Internal order as a standard application. But can be enhanced to cover more areas, depending on customer requirement.

Adding snapshots from SAP Fiori Demo Cloud edition

Access My Spend application here and see how it works :

- Tejas Chouhan

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