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Fiori Mobile

Many of the Fiori Mobile specific blogs were written by britt.womelsdorf, such as this introduction and this guide to building apps directly from Web IDE. There is also a guide to deployment. In March 2017 Britt updated us on some new features, such as launchpad apps with multiple tiles. Britt maintains a list of resources too.  mark.wright5 has written about how to add offline capability to the Approve Purchase Order Fiori app.

Cordova Hybrid Apps

daniel.vanleeuwen has written a large number of great blogs, in particular about Kapsel plugins.  There are too many to list them all but examples are the ones on push, offline, and general tips.  Note that most these blogs are written with regard to the local HAT build, not the cloud build from Web IDE (a la Fiori Mobile).  The information is still very useful though.

Mobile Services, Offline

michael.jess has written a useful blog about debugging and this great overview of the different types of mobile app.

There is an API for the Kapsel offline plugin. If you are using offline you might need to use an application configuration file to optimise the settings.  This help page shows what you can do.

You might like to watch a reply of this Tech Ed session - Demystifying Offline for Mobile Apps - presented by matt.borges.  This guide - Offline Enablement for SAP Fiori - is very useful too.

In April 2017 sue.vickers wrote in detail about new features in Offline OData.

For the back-end support for offline I recommend this excellent blog from andre.fischer entitled How to Implement Basic Delta Query Support in SAP NetWeaver Gateway as well as this guide: Implement Delte Query Support in SAP Gateway OData Services.


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