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I know that SAP are always looking to improve their products and so I thought I would share some comments and suggestions for Fiori Mobile (and related products):

  1. Download of apps from Mobile Place is slow, even with the Content Delivery Network (CDN) enabled.  It's dramatically slower than the public app stores, even on the 2nd and subsequent download.

  2. It's very restrictive to only be able to package an app which is on the default portal site.  What if we have already given 10,000 users access to a site, giving them the default portal url, and then we wanted to build Fiori Mobile apps on a different site?  We might want to use a different site so that we could run a different UI5 version. I wanted to use a separate site for Fiori Mobile apps, and luckily we had only ever shared urls containing the site alias, which meant we could make the new site the default.  Other customers might not be so lucky.

  3. There needs to be a proper mechanism for moving apps between environments (dev->test->prod).  How are we supposed to transport our apps? At present we have to pretty much start from scratch in each environment, with only GIT helping us to keep the code in sync.

  4. Some offline features don't currently work with Fiori Mobile.  For example it isn't possible to upload an application configuration file to Mobile Secure that has multiple defining requests.

  5. It would nice to be able to log on to multiple Mobile Secure tenants in the same session (e.g. to compare dev to test).

  6. To attach log messages to OSS incidents we have to download them (from SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service for Development and Operations).  This is very tedious because it only allows us to download 40 entries at a time.

  7. At present we have to set the UI5 version of our site to Custom (1.46.11), otherwise we get a blank screen when the app runs. Our main site is on 1.44 because that is the maintenance version and we should be able to use that.  At the very least the dependencies there should be well documented.

  8. There is nowhere near enough documentation on the required Cloud Connector settings, in my opinion.  This area is still quite new I know, but it feels like the Wild West!

  9. We could benefit from more documentation in the offline OData area too.  One specific example is this page on uploading an application configuration file to SCP.  The page seems stuck in mid-edit.  I think the property downloadrefresh_interval should be refresh_interval.  As there is little feedback when uploading the file developers won't know what the problem is.  Another question is 'why don't we have a proper API for making these settings?'

  10. If delta requests on the back-end are enabled (i.e. SAP Gateway is to return a delta token) the default behaviour is to keep calling the back-end method until no data are returned.  This is to ensure consistency between the different entities.  It can be altered with configuration but I think this only very rarely required and should not be the default setting.  If consistency is important wouldn't it be better to request that the entities are called in batch (i.e. together)?

  11. The official names of SAP products need to be much more concise in my opinion (I'm looking at you SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service for Development and Operations).  I much prefer something like CPms.

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