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Hey everyone,

In my last blog I shared some key steps which can be taken into consideration while starting with HCM apps. For people who have not visited, check here Fiori HCM Apps Pre-requisites

In last couple of months I am regularly seeing people falling into same issues with approval apps, so I thought why not keep everything at same place. Well that’s actually a tough job, repeatedly typing same thing on the discussions (at least for me, I being very lazy  :neutral: )

Prerequisite before Check-list:

  1. Your Fiori Launchpad is up and running. If not: SAP Fiori - SAP Fiori launchpad troubleshooting
  2. Your UI package/ Ui Library version is latest. If not : (Check SAP_UI component and your library version by going to the Fiori app and type (CTRL + ALT + SHIFT +P) or SAP Fiori LL19 - Steps for updating SAPUI5 libraries
  3. You have a workflow resource in your project (haha). Well yeah, checking workflow logs, troubleshooting, and activation of some creepy event linkages.
  4. Release strategies are well setup and there is no issue in release of purchase orders, purchase requisitions, and contracts from back-end.

Checklist 1: Make sure you are on correct SP Level.

Your UI and OData component should be at latest level / n-1. (Google: Fiori +approve PO +app implementations)

For e.g.: I copy pasted it for you:

Back-End/Front-End Server

Back-End/Front-End Component

Technical Name of Software Component

Support Package Level

Back-end server

Back-end component of app

GBAPP 002 600


Front-end server

Front-end component

UIX01EAP 100


I don’t trust Fiori Apps Library sometimes, so I double check the page :smile:

Checklist 2: Implement all mandatory notes:

So once you scroll down at page. You should be also seeing a central note for the app. Say (1937715). Pardon me, but some people thing that being at latest level, should not require any further note implementation.

But I am sorry, you should check out the note section, as the new release of the SP might be available in order to release some major program changes. And the new release is sometimes not stable, so new correction notes are always must and recommended to avoid troubleshooting issues.

Go to Service market place ( Enter your UI add-on name and search for all relevant notes based on your SP Level.

Checklist 3: Check if event linkages for the tasks are activated for your System.


  A. I create a PO from transaction ME21n, and my PO is not reflecting in Fiori app.

Before posting such issues, a bit of R&D would have helped you to find out that there is no issue of Fiori app here. You need to check first whether the PO was reflecting on the manager’s inbox. (Transaction SBWP).

  1. Oh I don’t get that too L

Buddy, then your issue is with workflow setup.

Before every app specific configuration. You should double check if the tasks are coming to your Inbox. In this blog, I am not explaining anything about the release strategy, as that is expected to be up and running.

Moving on: Activation of event linkages

Important Transaction code: OOCU

Search for the MM - PUR and check all the event linkages for different tasks.

For MM-PUR – Click on Activate event linking.

For e.g. Template id: WS20000075

Activate event linkage. Activate all event linkages involved for tasks PO, PR and PC or any if you want for the workflow.

All the release steps should be in green.

Checklist 4: Workflow SWDD configuration/ Agent assignment/ Assigning Rule Groups.

From the Agents drop down, select 'Rule'. Also select the rule name: "20000027 - Person responsible for PO release".

Make sure you activate the template after changes.

Checklist 5: Connection between Release strategy and SAP Business Workflow.

Once above configurations are made. You need to go to release strategy.

Path: SPRO -> Material management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Release Procedure for Purchase Orders -> Define release procedure for PO

  • Select Workflow and enter the Agent ID (corresponds to the user in your system who has to approve the purchase orders)

After this configuration. You should get the workflow triggered for every PO you create based on the release strategy you have defined.

Once you get the work item in your inbox. You are good to go ahead with Fiori check.

Configuration for Fiori Approve PO:

Approve Purchase Orders, you have specified the workflow tasks that are relevant for approving purchase orders. You do this in the Customizing for Materials Management under Purchasing → Purchase Order → Approve Purchase Orders App → Specify Workflow Task IDs for Approve Purchase Orders App.

Checklist 6: SCN Search.

Yes you may still end up with some unique issues, after following all above checklist. But need not worry. I would like everyone to search SCN before you post anything.

Google Custom Search

As 50% of your answers are hiding in the existing threads. Believe me, you raise OSS, and you may sometimes get SCN threads to refer. You can save time and efforts of your Project by a simple search. So wake up, stretch your hands and keep searching.

FYI : Fiori app : Approve Service Entry Sheets doesn't work on workflow engine, hence there is no workflow debugging required. This app purely works on release strategy and configurations. If you have setup custom workflow for approve SES. Kindly use My Inbox app and modify as per the requirement.


- Tejas :smile:

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