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In this beginner blog post we are going to see how we can use Pages and Spaces on Fiori Launchpad. We are also going to see how we can configure Tile using Spaces and Pages concept and make it available to Fiori Launchpad.





Prerequisite fro Spaces and Pages

S4HANA2020 or Later


Transaction Access : PFCG Transaction

What is Spaces and Pages

Pages and Spaces is part of new Layout Design of Fiori Launchpad which is available from S4H4HANA 2020 and onward on both cloud and on Premise environment.


In this concept there are main 4 Parts available :

In below picture different parts of Fiori Launchpad can be identified by different colors respectively.


1- SPACE - Space consists of Pages (to understand this can be compared to Groups)

2- PAGE - Pages consists of single or multiple Sections

3- SECTION - Section consists of single or multiple Tiles

4- TILE - Tile is used to launch the respective application



To Identify, If your Fiori Launchpad is activated for Pages and Spaces, you may follow below steps to activate Pages and Spaces in Fiori Launchpad.


Activate Fiori Launchpad Spaces and Pages

Step - 1

Go to User's settings options as shown below and click on Settings options.


Step - 2

Click on Spaces and Pages option available, and verify if Use Spaces option is checked or not. if it is not checked marked then select and make it checked. As shown in below picture. Click on Save.


As soon as you click on Save button on Settings popup Launchpad will be auto reload and all available applications which are configured using Spaces and Pages will be available to you.



Now once the Fiori Launchpad is opened with Spaces and Pages If one Group is having multiple Sections then those will be available as highlighted as below.



Step - 3

Configure Tile to Fiori Launchpad using Spaces and Pages


To configure Tile using Spaces and pages we are going to follow below Flow:

We have already created Catalog with name : CODEINMINS

We have also created Role with name : ZFIORI_ROLE



Step 1

Lets start creating Space and Page to configure Tile.

On Fiori Launchpad Click on Fiori Launchpad Group and select Manage Launchpad Spaces tile



On Manage Launchpad Spaces tile to create new Spaces click on Create button.



Fill out all the required details in opened Popup. Since we are creating Spaces and no page is available, we are selecting Also create a Page option, This will create new Page and will assign it to Spaces.


If Page is already created previously and want to add Tile to same Page then do not select this option.



Now once Spaces and Page is created below screen will be displayed. New Page which is created is by default with Visible status.

If it is not then select the new Page created record and click on Set Visible button. If Page is not set to Visible then it will not be available in Spaces when displayed in Fiori Launchpad.



Step 2

Once the Spaces and Page is created successfully. next step is to assign created Catalog and Space to Role.


open PFCG Transaction, Open Role created and follow below steps to assign Space and Catalog to Role.




Space is added to Role.



Assign Catalog to Role, follow below step.




Space and Catalog both are added successfully to Role.



In Last step we need to assign this Role to User.


Step 3


Once Catalog is assigned to Role. Go back to Spaces and Pages Page and click on Edit button.




Since we have added Catalog to Role, all available Catalogs will be available where Spaces is added.

Refer below screen shot. Click on Add button to assign Tile to Page.



Once Assigned Tile will be available in Page. Refer below screen shot. Click on Save button





Once all steps are followed, open Fiori Launchpad, and new Space will be available. All the sections are again highlighted by respective colors for Identification purpose.


Click on Tile and Drill down report will be available.





If your application is not available on Fiori Launchpad (not visible) the possible reason could be it is configured with Spaces and Pages.

All new standard Fiori applications are following Spaces and pages guidelines and it is suggested and recommended approach to configure Tile on Fiori Launchpad.

biggest advantage of using Spaces and Pages is Performance, since on needed applications will be loaded and this approach will provide much cleaner Launchpad.







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