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Hey Good Fellas,

This is a solution rather than a discussion, which i thought to do to with a kind generosity of spirit to give back to the community.

It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to write this particular post, because it is through SCN only i have been able to find the solution.

Ok, let's get down to the Business quickly, shall we?

I have been configuring Fiori App - Approve Purchase Orders. All the tasks for this have been done from SAP Help Site.

Recently I upgraded the ERP/Gateway (Its an embedded deployment) to EHP 7 and UI to SP09, post which the Fiori Launchpad started giving the below error.

If you look around the SCN, you will probably hit across these threads and so did I.

SAP Fiori - UI Add-on SP09 update troubleshooting

With the first thread, I tried everyone's solution and suggestions which had worked for others, but it didn't for me.

With second thread (Excellently posted by masayuki.sekihara

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