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Hi All,


In this blog I am going to explain how to configure your UI5 applications in

Cloud Platform. To configure the application the applications below are the steps:

  1. Deploy an application to Cloud Launchpad.

  2. Enable the Portal service in your Sub Account.

  3. Configure the Application as a tile for catalog and assign a group.

1.Deploying Application to the Cloud Platform:

In SAP WEB IDE right click on the application and select deploy and select deploy application to SAP Cloud Launchpad.

A pop up will open enter the application name and click on deploy.

After click on deploy the deployment process will start, after successful completion of
deploy a confirmation pop up will open. Click on close.

2.Enabling the Portal Service:

In the Cloud Cockpit go to the services and click on portal services.

Click on Enable button.

3.Configuring the Application as tile and assigning a group:

Now in the portal service click on Go to Service link. The Cloud Platform Portal will open. Now click on Create New Site button.

After clicking on create a new site a dialog box will open. Enter launch pad name and select type as SAP FIORI Launchpad and click on create.

Now on the left hand side of the page select catalog and go to Apps tab and click on edit button. Then "+" icon will enable and click on that button a new pop up will open with the list of apps select the app that you want add and click on select.

Now the same way select the Groups and follow the same as for catalog.

After saving the group, now on the top of the right select an icon a pop up will open click on publish  and open.

The launchpad page will open in the new tab with tile.

Hope this will help you to configure your applications in SAP Cloud Platform.


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