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This is about featuring the capability of Value help on a selection field within a value help dialog in Fiori Elements based List Report.

(For more information on Fiori Elements check this link)

Business Scenario

Let's consider Business scenario where Fiori Elements based List Report displays Purchase Order with Vendor as one of the selection field.

Vendor can be further filtered based on selected countries.”

Technical Explanation

  1. Develop main consumption CDS For List Report and add relevant UI annotations for Line Items, Selection Fields.

Please refer link for Basic Fiori Elements based List Report development.


2. Add Value help specific annotation for the selection field, provide reference of Value help CDS  using annotation “@Consumption.valueHelpDefinition:

3. To bring “Value help within a value help dialog”, Add further value help CDS reference inside      the value help CDS used in step 3.

4.Data Model can be understood as below:


5. CDS can be exposed as ODATA or SEGW reference data source and generate the Fiori elements-based application.


Detailed Explanation

Let’s create the supplier Value help CDS(ZI_SUPPLIER_VH), Inside this give the reference of Standard CDS I Country for the countries list.

Now, Lets create the main consumption CDS for the List Report (ZC_PurchaseOrder). Add UI annotation for Line Items and selection fields. Give the reference of ZI_SUPPLIER_VH.

Code snippet FOR the Consumption CDS


Value Help CDS


Demo (Output)

Fiori Elements with Vendor as selection parameter


Select Country for further value help


Selected country become available for searching the supplier further


And Finally, selected Supplier available in the List Report selections parameter

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