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Hello, everyone, while working in Fiori Elements based app, I have come across some remarkably interesting scenario and found some very useful tricks to handle most of the common Business use cases.

This is another blog series on Fiori Elements specially for the Tips and Tricks which I have come across during my development experience.

Improve the performance of Overview Page having multiple cards consuming common Gateway Service “,

In this blog, I will not be covering the OVP development process as we have many other blogs are also available for the Fiori Element’s based OVP Dashboard development.


Default Behavior- Cards are executed in "Sequential".   

Say, we have to develop below Dashboard, consuming Common Gateway Service ZDEMO_OVP_SRV,

Which has N cards which is internally linked with “N” different CDS Data sources using reference data source.


Default execution time = sum of backend batch call for individual Entity Set  ( CDS ) 😞 

OVP Dashboard- Example


Default Behavior Process Flow

OVP Dashboard- Default Development Process Flow


"Technical Solution for executing each card in Parallel"

We have found some trick to overcome this default behavior for executing the cards in Parallel instead of executing it in sequentially.

Solution Block diagram

  • Change the default sequential behavior to Parallel Execution by setting Model for each entity set sharing same OData service.

  • Create “N” Model in manifest.josn for “N” Cards.

  • Map all these Model to each card separately.

  • Now all Backend Batch call will be call in Parallel instead of “Sequential”.


Quick snippet from manifest.json

Parallel Execution - Changes in manifest. json

OVP Dashboard Executing each call in Parallel


With this small piece of code, we can see now all the Backend batch call with executing in parallel and each card will be loaded in parallel. so performance of the OVP Dashboard will be significantly improved.

Wow, We have come to end.

Stay Tuned for more tips and Trick for the Fiori Elements developments.




Mohit Bansal

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