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Further to my previous Blog featuring Value help on a selection field within a value help dialog, this blog will be featuring about the Multiple or Collective value help feature on one element of the Fiori Element.

Traditional SAP GUI Based application have collective search help feature which is internally associated with many Elementary Search Helps. In a similar way, we can now design Fiori Element based selection field, which can have multiple value help.

Business Scenario

Let’s consider the Business scenario where Fiori Elements based list report display list of sales orders where customer (sold to party) as one of the selection field.

Business needs to search Sold to Party based on the following    way:

  • Based on Customer’s General Attributes (Like name, city, country etc)

  • Based on Customer Company Code information


Technical Explanation

  1. Develop main consumption CDS For List Report and add relevant UI annotations for Line Items, Selection Fields.

Please refer below link for Basic Fiori Elements based List Report development.



  1. Add Value help specific annotation for the selection field, provide reference of Value help CDS using annotation “@Consumption.valueHelpDefinition: “

  2. In case of more than one value helps, the default value help is the one without a qualifier.


4. Value help with Qualifier will be secondary value help , the qualifier marks the value helps             that are less important.


Important Tips

If all value helps are annotated with the qualifier argument, then none of them are displayed as there is no default.

Code snippet for the consumption CDS



Once the CDS is exposed as OData and List Report is generated, Sold to Party is displayed as selection field.

On clicking of sold to party value help, opens the dialog with 2 Value help, User have the options to select any one of them.

Customer Selection based on the Company Code( Screen gets chnaged as per the fields inside the CDS for Customer's company code)


Customer Selection based on country


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