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Dear Consultants

In the interest of getting folks into Fiori I wanted to post some information that had given me some trouble - running Fiori apps that are not able to complete.

You may find when running a Fiori UI5 app with OData Services that your app runs and never completes (it spins and spins).  When this occurs, check your ST22 Runtime Errors and see if a particular table or view was not found, according to the error log.  You can check this in the SE11 ABAP Dictionary and when you enter the view name, you receive a message that the view does not exist on the database.  You won't be able to restore a CDS view with the SE11 view "activate" function nor will you be able to use SE14 Database Utility because the CDS view exists on the HANA database only, and not the ABAP layer.

This is a quick fix per OSS 2421686

Once you run this report RUTDDLSACT DD: Activates Set of DDL Sources, check the activation log and re-check SE11 to ensure the view exists on the database, you may now run your Fiori UI5 app to completion, provided you've set up the data of course!.

David Foshée
S/4HANA Application Architect

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