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Welcome to part 3 of this blog with step-by-step instructions on how to setup Fiori Analytics on HANA Cloud Platform using Smart Business Service on HANA Cloud Platform. Before starting here, make sure you have done all steps in part 1 and part 2.

In order to create tiles that display key information from the underlying application data services. We will need to configure Business Systems and set our Data Sources right.

1. Click on Configure Business Systems

2. Enter your Data Source and Click Save.

3. Click on Create KPI

4. Fill in all the mandatory fields

Point your KPI to Data Source in our case – Business System01

OData Service used is the one which we have previously annotated /salesByRegion.xsodata  - *don’t forget to Save and Activate

5. Create Evaluation for your KPI which will define what information about the KPI or OPI is visible to the SAP Smart Business user at runtime.

6. Configure the input parameters and filters.

7. You can also set values for the dimensions to act as additional filters.

8. Configure the target, thresholds, and Activate and Configure Tile. Only active evaluations are available at runtime. To visualize an evaluation, you must create a tile using the Configure KPI Tiles app.

9. The Configure KPI Tiles app allows you to create tile visualisations for an active evaluation. Click on previously created KPI Evaluation and Add Tile.

10. In the Configured Tiles view, select your groups and catalogs and Save and Configure Drill-Down.

11. Click on Configure which will allow you to set-up the generic drill-down application that you navigate to when you click the KPI or OPI tile in the runtime environment.

12. Select your Dimension – in our case Region and click on Ok.

13. This will open up Drill-Down Chart Configuration screen > Change your Visualisation Type and Title > Save View

14. Click on Save Configuration

15. Refresh your Portal screen and click on newly created KPI Tile * SalesByRegion

Congratulations, you have created your KPI using Smart Business Service on HCP!

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