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T code is for calling the standard / Custom Programs. We can create the T code in the transaction SE93. Let's understand how it works. It triggers a program which is assigned to it and the program is nothing but just a logic on tables. In SAP sometimes there is a need to create custom T code to make our work easier.

There are multiple methods by which we can find this but this one I found pretty simpler.

This blog post is all about the one of the ways which I found easier to find the associated tables of the T code.

Please follow the below steps:

  • Go to the T code SE93 in your SAP system and enter the T code for which you want to find associated tables and click on display.


  • Copy the program name.


  • Open the table D010TAB and paste the copied program name into the master field.



  • Copy all the entries in the field TAB NAME and paste it in the other table DD02L and select TAB CLASS as transparent.


  •  Execute and you will have a list of all the tables associated with the T code.


You can go through the Tables i.e. Data dictionary. The table which store information about structures and tables are as follows:

DD02L - Table properties

DD02T - Table texts

DD03L - Field properties

DD03T - Field texts



There is no doubt SAP has provided us with lots of resources and features to make our business easy and simplified. This will help us to find the tables involved with the custom T code.

I will be here to answer all your questions in case you find any issue.

Thanks for reading!

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