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It is very common that we will doing the setup table fill up when ever there is major go live or enhancement happens. And there would lot of scenarios where we will be asked to extract  selective Orders/documents.


But SAP Statistical setup screen doesn't support for processing multiple sales orders/documents.

There were work around techniques mentioned below.

  • Processing the Sales documents one by one, If we have big list then it would be very laborious process.

  • Processing as a large range which will fit given multiple documents. This way we will end up processing more records.

  • Creating the Z program by copying the existing SAP program so that it would accept multiple single values, This requires additional development and need to expert ABAP skills.


Recently I found out a simple technique which would be very useful for processing multiple documents.


T-code:  OLI7BW for Sales Orders.

Enter 10 and 8 in the Sales Document ranges as shown below.




Press OK and takes us to next screen shown below.



This screen shows selection option on the right hand side, Now we can go ahead remove 10 and 8 and click on the Select options for entering the multiple documents as shown below.


Enter list of documents to process and say execute.



Hope this document would be helpful.



Bhaskar Shanthi.

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